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  • Videos (January 2008)
  • stat_sanity.sql (script) : tells what the cost-based optimizer knows about the data in all the columns of a given table.  
  • Let’s do it in Java ... (paper) : Reinventing the wheel, only more square ...  

We are Oracle specialists. Oracle performance specialists.

As such, our customers call us to help them to get the best return on their hardware and software investment. And when the sea gets rough, we can help them navigate to calmer waters.

The wind and the waves are always on the side of the ablest navigators.
Edward Gibbon

All hands on deck is a familiar cry...

Fixing disappointing performance is unfortunately not a matter of allocating more memory to the RDBMS, setting the magical parameter, or upgrading the CPU - and it is rarely as simple as adding a couple of indexes. We can help you understand where it is slow, why it is slow, and how to make it faster. We can teach your developers how to code efficiently with Oracle. We can provide an independent audit of programs supplied by a third party.

Besides, we are also experienced administrators and can help you set up smooth operations.

You will find on this site information about ourselves and the services we can provide to your company.

As a contribution to the Oracle community, we also have a Treasure Chest section where you will find performance-oriented free material - scripts, papers, tools - as well as links to other interesting Oracle sites.

Based in Western Europe, we can intervene anywhere in the world for relatively short missions.