Our purpose is to help you to get the most out of your databases - not only from the angle of having smoothly running databases, but also, and most importantly, to use them as well as possible.

Chè perder tempo a chi più sa più spiace.
  For who knows most grieves more of time loss.
Dante Alighieri

Performance is too often associated with tuning in the database world. In our view, that is a mistake.

Tuning is trying to get the best out of what you have - it is necessary, but not sufficient. If you really want performance, you must tackle problems at the root. Reorganising the aisles at your local supermarket will certainly help you spend less time there. As will adding more cashiers. As will building a motorway between your home and the shopping mall. But this will not bring much relief if for each item on your shopping list you take your car, drive to the supermarket, buy the item, pay for it, take it back home, and iterate for the next item.
Unfortunately, this is the way many programs are written.

By ensuring at all stages that you are using the DBMS the right way, we can help you deliver the performance your users demand.