Treasure Chest
  Treasure Chest  

To the Database community

We have, over the years, benefited considerably from the wealth of information available over the Internet, especially about Oracle, either on websites or mailing lists and particularly the oracle-l list (mostly for database administrators) created by Jared Still.

This is the RoughSea contribution to the Database community on the Internet :

  • Some useful scripts that we have written,
  • Various papers which we hope you will find useful too,
  • A series of papers which we have entitled Sink-QL on real life bad examples
    -  not necessarily the case-study bad example, but code which in all cases could be tremendously improved at almost no cost,
  • Video presentations that we hope you’ll find both entertaining and informative,
  • And links to other sites we have singled-out for their usefulness to developers.

Everything comes with the usual disclaimers, no guarantee, use at your own risks, &c.

Enjoy the booty.