About RoughSea
  About RoughSea  


RoughSea Ltd is a private limited liability company registered in England & Wales , No. 3625100, and was established in 1998. Like most specialist companies, it is a small shop, which intends to stay small, staffed by highly experienced individuals. Most RoughSea customers are very big companies - drawn from the financial sector, telecoms, industry - or government agencies.
For them, data management is critical.

We establish long-term relationships with our customers, based on mutual trust, and usually intervene part-time or for short commando missions These have taken us from the metropolitan centres of Europe to places as distant as the Far East.


RoughSea is directed by Stéphane FaroultStéphane Faroult, Director, an internationally acknowledged Oracle expert with over 20 years of SQL experience.
He wrote and taught the very first Performance course given by Oracle France back in 1987 and after 10 years of Oracle consulting founded RoughSea Limited in 1998.
The Art of SQL In the past years, he has spoken at a number of Oracle User Groups events, in the US, in the UK and in Norway, and published a number of articles, either online or in the magazines of the UK Oracle User Group and the Independent Oracle User Group. He is also the author of "The Art of SQL", published by O’Reilly in March 2006.