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Poor application performance very often originates, not only from rotten queries (although they play their part), but also from multiple unnecessary calls to the database, of a misuse of the relational capabilities of the SQL language, and from the use of multiple statements where a sound understanding of SQL would have allowed the use of a single statement.

These issues, which are mostly algorithmic issues, become ever more important as the efficiency of the database optimiser improves, doing a better and better job of handling each individual statement which is passed to the kernel. The bottleneck shifts slowly from the unitary statement to the combination of several statements.

Detecting the sometimes enormous potential performance gains - we have seen in the past orders of magnitude of 50 - that results from re-writing code differently is unfortunately something you can not do by only tracing what the database does - even if this often hints at many possible improvements.
Reviewing the code is the only proper way that we know of to ensure quality.

We are not experts in all languages, but we are experts at knowing how a language should interact with Oracle. Wherever you are in the world, code review is something we can do for you. We can tell you if it’s good or bad, and if we think it bad, why we believe it to be so, and what we would have done instead.

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